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Dec 27, 2023

Wayne Hsiung was released on December 9, 2023 after serving a sentence of 38 days in a Sonoma County (Calif.) jail for trying to free animals from the cruelty of factory farms. I talked to Wayne as he prepared for the trial earlier in the year. He was optimistic, considering he had just beaten the attempts in Utah...

Dec 20, 2023

Animal experimenters like Harvard's Margaret Livingstone continue to spend your tax dollars on useless tests that only end up torturing and killing animals. Dr. Katherine Roe, a former NIH researcher and now chief scientist for PETA's Laboratory Investigations Department, discusses how researchers like Livingstone build...

Dec 15, 2023

Dessert is the final frontier for many vegans who tend to settle for vegan "ice cream" in a pinch. But Chef Philip Khoury of Harrods in London says your favorite desserts can be transformed easily into vegan. It just takes some "re-imagining."

Khoury has written "A New Way to Bake: Re-imagined Recipes for Plant-Based...

Dec 6, 2023

If you see reindeer on display, go to immediately. Reindeer are wild and are too often abused in captivity. Debbie Metzler of CALE, (Captured Animal Law Enforcement), a division of PETA talks to Emil Guillermo about the problem of holiday reindeer abuse.


The PETA Podcast

PETA, the...

Nov 29, 2023

PETA-Germany went into action to save animals abandoned by the war in Ukraine in 2022, and has never stopped. Sylvie Bunz heads the special project and explains what's at stake to Emil Guillermo.

See the volunteers in action. Go to for more.

The PETA Podcast

PETA, the world's largest animal rights...