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May 10, 2023

Is it time to consider the abolition of pet ownership? Writer/Author Troy Vettese says it's harmful to all involved, and at the core is human domination and control over animals. He's serious and wrote a controversial piece in the Guardian outlining the good in banning pet ownership.

In conversation with Emil Guillermo. 


 8:59 The problems on pet ownership.

9:39 domination

17:00 empathy

23:45 Freeing ourselves from pet ownership 

24:55 veganism

25:25 Phasing out ownership in 20 years

27:28 are pet owners bad people? 3

6:15 Outlining the steps to end pet ownership

39:12 "Animals are imprisoned by domestication."

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Hosted by Emil Guillermo. 

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Originally released May 10, 2023

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