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Feb 21, 2018

The PETA Podcast - Episode 3

PETA VP of Communications, Colleen O'Brien on the cruelty of the infamous Iditarod. In conversation with host Emil Guillermo about the history of the race; how it used to be a humanitarian gesture to get medicine from one part of Alaska to another. It was also a relay. Now the race is a grueling, debilitating 1,000 mile run, where mushers start with 16 dogs and try to cross the finish line with at least five remaining dogs.

More than 1,100 dogs are expected to run this year. Five dogs died in last year's race, though many deaths go unreported. O'Brien said whistle-blowers are coming forward to expose the animal abuse in dog sledding. She believes there's no reason why a new modern day Iditarod couldn't happen without dogs but with snowmobiles instead.

A cruelty-free, dogless Iditarod would definitely be an improvement. PETA will be stage a protest at the event when it begins March 3.

The PETA Podcast

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