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Jan 15, 2020

Ingrid Newkirk, PETA president talks with Emil Guillermo about "Animalkind," her new book written with Gene Stone. Newkirk talks about what "animalkind" means and how we need to understand that humans are animals too, and not necessarily superior to other species. 

Buy "Animalkind" wherever books are sold.

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See Emil's one man show, "Married to PETA, and Other Love Stories," about racism and speciesism at San Francisco's Potrero Stage, Feb. 1 and 6th. Go to for discounted tickets. 




4:00 Ingrid on NY launch.

4:46 Feeding birds and attracting predators; coexisting.

6:35 On finishing the book.

7:56 The stories she left out of the book.

9:10 On seeing a video about abuse in a chicken shed.

10:50 Stories about wool shearing sheds; Why Ingrid doesn’t wear wool.

11:50 Supremacists and trophy hunting.

12:30 A fire department deer hunt protest.

15:35 Insecurity and empathy.

16:50 Why she dedicated the book to the people she did.

21:41 Ingrid’s ideal reader—people who are kind and interested in animals.

23:04 “Not an animal person…”

25:17 Coining of phrase “animalkind.”

27:11 People’s ignorance of animals.

27:25 Elephants

28:52 Drug sniffing elephants?

30:06 A synthetic frog for dissection.

30:17 Amazing animal facts.

32:06 How garden snails find their way home.

34:18 The bird that can fly for 7,000 miles without stopping to eat or drink.

35:48 How to care and make a difference.

36:55 That Golden Gloves vegan dinner and Joaquin Phoenix

37:50 On fish.

38:24 Vegan or Nothing.

39:04 40 years of PETA.

40:29 keeping message alive

41:29 racism and speciesism

42:00 Emil’s journey, broadening circle of compassion.

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(Originally published Jan. 15, 2020)