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Jan 8, 2020

Dr. Neal Barnard, author of "Your Body in Balance" talks to Emil Guillermo about how a low fat vegan diet can be helpful in dealing with everything from menstrual cramps, menopause, thyroid problems, diabetes, some cancers and even anxiety and depression. Dr. Barnard says the medical community is now looking at food as an answer as new studies show the effectiveness of choosing a low-fat vegan diet.

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4:08 Role of medication, but food can effect body chemistry profoundly.

5:00 Menstrual cramping and vegan diet.

5:50 Breast cancer and estrogens.

6:50 Georgetown study on menstrual cramping.

7:40 Advantages of plant-based diet.

8:08 Study on hormones; infertility.

8:20 Other diseases that can be helped.

11:18 Barnard’s medical credentials.

11:47 On his research policy and standards.

14:41 Getting at the truth on the positive impacts of the vegan diet.

15:17 Diabetes-Type 2 patient  example.

17:06 Reversing Diabetes.

17:49  PCOS example:  Allison, registered dietician.

19:58 Why all doctors aren’t singing the praises of the vegan diet.

20:33 The nutrition information void in medical community is changing.

22:10 Mood, anxiety, depression and food.

23:05 GEICO vegan study showed mood and anxiety changes.

25:04 What to eat or not eat; KETO may not be good.

26:42 Four healthy food groups: Vegetables, Fruits, Whole Grains, Beans.

27:07 Take your B-12.

27:26 Vitamin D and exercise.

28:00 Fiber. Double your intake. Impact on mood/brain health.

29:33 Thyroid issues

30:28 Iodine use: salt, seaweed.

32:00 “Hormonal haywire.”

32:15 Sex hormones, cancers.

32:44 Metabolic issues.

33:10 Chemical exposure through food.

33:57 Bacteria/ Romaine lettuce

34:34 Urinary Tract Infections and connection to Chicken.

36:35 Progresso soup, BPA, endocrine disruptors.

38:00 But BPA can still get you.

39:00 Going organic.

39:35 Fish are toxic.

40:30 Food is the No.1 killer.

41:16 Best Organic foods.

43:41 Insulin and Diabetes

48:05 Golden Globes’ vegan menu backlash.

47:27 Connecting to your health.

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(Originally published Jan. 7, 2020)