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Jun 20, 2018

We know what happens when you rip children away from their parents and families already. We know from how Sea World treats orcas. We saw it in the movie, “Blackfish.”

For Lisa Lange, PETA’s Sr. VP of Communications, the fight to stop SeaWorld’s cruelty on-going at least until Sea World moves orcas to sea sanctuaries.

Only when that day happens, the only reason to visit SeaWorld is to protest.

Lisa’s been an advocate for orcas even before she began working for PETA.  In conversation with Emil Guillermo she talks about the miserable life endured by orcas like Corky at SeaWorld.

Taken away from her pod in the pacific northwest, Corky has been essentially imprisoned by SeaWorld  for decades. She’s been made into a breeding machine, only to have her babies taken away to be used for more exploitation.

Corky could be sent to sanctuary, but Sea World isn’t budging.

Lisa explains what sanctuary is, and how it worked for orcas like Keiko,  the star of the movie, “Free Willy.”

It’s the reason PETA along with the pop star PINK have recently made an appeal to SeaWorld shareholders in corporate meetings.

Check out the videos at and TAKE ACTION!

See what PINK said about sanctuaries.


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