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Mar 23, 2022

It only took days after the Russians invaded Ukraine for PETA-Germany to organize an Animal Rescue team to swing into action. The mission? To quickly and safely enter Ukraine to save animals left behind in shelters, abandoned homes, and even train stations. And to feed as many starving animals as they could.  PETA Germany's Daniel Cox has now returned from Ukraine to update the efforts and the growing number of animals saved. The heartbreaking fact is that for as many animals as the team is able to save, so many more are left behind.

Cox talks to Emil Guillermo about what the teams saw, and how they created a pathway for animals from other parts of the country to get to the western city of Lviv, where the team picks up the animals for a trip to the border and beyond. 

Cox says the effort will continue for as long as it can, feeding and saving as many animals and their companions as they can.

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Originally aired March 23, 2022 

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