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Aug 7, 2019

 We're driving cross-country and see the signs of animal cruelty all around us on the interstate. Feedlots. Livestock trucks. Poultry sheds. Ag-gag laws only assure that you won't realize the cruelty that goes into producing your food. That's why PETA is fighting ag-gag laws so vigorously.

 Jeff Kerr, PETA Sr. VP and chief attorney of the PETA Foundation talked to the podcast earlier this year about a victory in Iowa that declared Ag-Gag laws unconstitutional.


A court recently ruled that the state could not silence PETA investigators from publishing and speaking out about cruel practices uncovered in Iowa. The state's ag-gag law was ruled a violation of free speech rights and unconstitutional.

PETA hopes this will lead the way to end ag-gag laws and proposals in nearly two dozen states.

Ag businesses don't want you to know what happens behind the scenes at factory farms in the processing of your food.

Since the federal government does not regulate what happens to animals at the farms, the watch dog role has been left to the states. But the ag lobby has fought hard to hide cruel ag practices by passing these ag gag laws throughout the nation. 

Read more about ag-gag laws and take action at

 * This is an encore presentation of a podcast that originally aired Jan. 15, 2019.

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