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Feb 28, 2018

The PETA Podcast - Episode 4

Poorva Joshipura, VP of International Affairs for the PETA Foundation UK has been arrested, confined to a cage to protest the plight of chickens, and has even been burned in effigy.

It only makes her stronger. 

Poorva talks about how, after growing up in the South, she returned to her parent's ancestral home in India to lead PETA's effort there. She found sacred cows weren't so sacred after all, and saw young people eating meat and participating in cruel activities like Jallikatu, a combination of bullfighting and a Pamplona-style running with the bulls. It was the focus of a fight that has gone all the way to the Indian Supreme Court. 

She continues the global fight for animals from PETA's London office.


The PETA Podcast

PETA, the world's largest animal rights organization, is 6.5 million strong and growing. This is the place to find out why. Hear from insiders, thought leaders, activists, investigators, politicians, and others why animals need more than kindness—they have the right not to be abused or exploited in any way.

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