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Feb 23, 2019

Emil Guillermo talks to PETA's Lewis Crary about the OSCATS, PETA's award to the most animal-friendly artists in the movie industry. Which stars will win? Bradley Cooper? Natalie Portman? Which film? Listen.

This year, many artists and movies snubbed by the Oscars got an OSCAT. 

For a complete list of winners go to...

Feb 20, 2019

"What I am about to tell you sucks," Don Gaines says in PETA REVEALS, the new web series on

In the short video, Gaines talks about being an eyewitness investigator for PETA and about the abuse sheep undergo as they are sheared for wool.

On this interview with PETA Podcast host Emil Guillermo, Gaines says it's...

Feb 13, 2019

Emil Guillermo talks with PETA's Jeremy Beckham on how a whistleblower exposed an unethical practice between LSU Vet School and a community shelter in Baton Rouge.

Take action! Read more about what LSU did. Go to

Read PETA complaint to USDA here.

Read press release here.


The PETA Podcast

PETA, the world's...

Feb 6, 2019

Host Emil Guillermo talks with PETA VP Shalin Gala about how PETA stopped the useless animal testing being done at the biggest cereal companies in the nation, Kellogg and General Mills. The companies had been testing on animals since the 1960s. Other companies are being targeted to stop useless animal testing that were...