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Jan 22, 2020

In a conversation from the Philippines, Jason Baker, PETA Sr. VP for PETA-Asia, talks to Emil Guillermo about the effort to save hundreds of animals abandoned after the Taal Volcano, 60 miles south of Manila, erupted on Jan. 12. The Philippine government currently has no plans to help the animals. Since the...

Jan 15, 2020

Ingrid Newkirk, PETA president talks with Emil Guillermo about "Animalkind," her new book written with Gene Stone. Newkirk talks about what "animalkind" means and how we need to understand that humans are animals too, and not necessarily superior to other species. 

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Jan 8, 2020

Dr. Neal Barnard, author of "Your Body in Balance" talks to Emil Guillermo about how a low fat vegan diet can be helpful in dealing with everything from menstrual cramps, menopause, thyroid problems, diabetes, some cancers and even anxiety and depression. Dr. Barnard says the medical community is now looking at food as...

Dec 18, 2019

Dr. Frances Cheng is one of three PETA scientists featured in the new documentary, "Test Subjects."

With Emil Guillermo, Cheng talks about how she came from Taiwan to the U.S. to become a scientist.  As a graduate student  she did a test on saturated fats on rats, and learned that the physiology of rats and humans are...

Dec 11, 2019

Emil Guillermo talks with PETA's senior litigation counsel, Martina Bernstein about the history of the  possum drop in Brasstown and Andrews, North Carolina, and how the Norrth Carolina state legislature was used by event organizers to justify animal cruelty.

PETA has offered alternatives to a live possum, including...