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Sep 19, 2018

Is a vivisector --an animal researcher--emboldened by his job enough to then hurt and kill humans outside the lab? 

Or does the evil transform slowly in the lab while doing deplorable experiments on animals? 

PETA discovered an alarming pattern: the connection between researchers and convicted felons. And yet too often the researchers go undetected because of the millions of dollars they bring in to their university research facility. 

See the Dirty Dozen for yourself.


$15 billion is the estimated amount of federal dollars spent on animal research. And there's not enough vetting to make sure the wrong people are funded with your tax dollars.

PETA's Jeremy Beckham talks about the animal researchers uncovered in a simple search. There could be more. 

In an interview with Emil Guillermo, Beckham describes a simple way to make the system more responsible. Require the psychological screening of researchers as a condition of federal funding. 

Take action: Demand that researchers submit to psychological screening as a condition of receiving federal funds.

Go to and send a message to government officials now.


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